THREE local mums from Burley-in-Wharfedale, Amber Brook, Samantha Brown and Rosie Pothecary have set up a Halloween trail which will begin on the October 30 and run until November 1.

Residents are all ready signing up and so far there is a total of 134 applicants. The team have set up a Facebook page - Burley Halloween Trail - where residents can find out all about the trial.

There is no charge for the trail or any of the sheets or maps, however, they have set up a Justgiving page for the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity which has raised £260 within the week.

If you would like to be involved simply register your address within the Facebook group and take part in the spooky trail for children on Halloween weekend.

The Rainbow Trust Children Charity helps support families with severely ill children.

Visit to make a donation to the charity.