EARLIER this week, my family and I dropped off a card and some chocolates at Ilkley police station, a very small token of our thanks to the great members of West Yorkshire Police working there for all of their selfless work to serve and protect our local community, including over the last few difficult months during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To our great surprise, there was a knock on our door the same day with three amazing officers passing by to say thanks in person. They were extremely nice to our family, even taking the time to tell us about the work they do and answering the many questions from our very inquisitive and exited children.

We would like to let our brave men and women in West Yorkshire Police know that the local community really value all that you do for us and that without you, Ilkley would not be the great town that it is.

Best regards, Yousef and Souhila Walker,

King's Close, Ilkley