IN March, just before the lockdown, a small group of staff, parents and children from Ashlands Primary School in Leeds Road, Ilkley, started a project to create a wildflower meadow.

Turf was removed from the front of the school and a wildflower seed mix scattered in a bid to encourage bees and other nectar feeding insects and also to make a beautiful natural statement to people in the town and anyone visiting or even passing through.

Headteacher Andrew Soutar said: “It has been very positive to see the seeds starting to grow and now flower during these highly uncertain times. We have received many positive messages from people and I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to email us and tell us how much they have appreciated the colour during the crisis. This would not have been possible without the volunteers in school and the financial support from Friends of Ashlands so I would like to finish by thanking them all for their help.”