AN ANNUAL peace protest outside RAF Menwith Hill will be scaled down this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Protesters from across Yorkshire, including Otley, usually head to the base - which gathers intelligence for the US’s National Security Agency - on July 4 for the Independence from America Day.

Due to the coronavirus, however, this year’s demonstration will mostly take place via a webinar that will run from 3.30pm to 5.15pm on Saturday, July 4.

The event is being organised by the Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign and anyone interested in taking part should send an e-mail to

The speakers will include author and founder of Drone Wars UK, Chris Cole and Professor Dave Webb, the Chair of CND. There will also be poetry readings and live music.

A small number of people will be attending Menwith Hill’s main gate at the same time, where they will hand in a letter to the US Chief of Station and display banners.