THE ‘sewing and stitching‘ team of over 100 local volunteers in Ilkley has now produced 500 face coverings which are available at the customer service desks of Tesco and Booths in Ilkley.

The complimentary face coverings are available in a sealed window envelope, in a wide range of sizes and colours.

The envelope is printed with Government advice. Additionally, it contains details of the Ilkley Coronavirus Helpline 07375-803-693, and website

Spokesperson for the Ilkley Coronavirus Response Group (ICRG) Ilkley Town Councillor Peter Mate said: “This is a fantastic challenge, looking to make face-coverings available to all our townsfolk who want them.

“We hope the initiative will be ‘cost-neutral’ through generous donations on the website.

“These donations additionally subsidise the wide range of activities and support to our care and medical services in the town, and to supporting vulnerable people across our community.”