MORE than 200 sets of scrubs have now been produced by volunteers in Otley.

Members of Otley Maker Space have been busy for weeks now producing face visors and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for local health and care workers.

Despite its workshop at Otley Courthouse being currently closed, the Maker Space has been organising the initiative with volunteers working from home - and in some cases using 3D printers - to make what is needed for front line workers.

The team making the scrubs (sanitary clothing worn by those involved with patient care in hospitals and care homes) is delighted to have passed the 200 mark - and owes a debt of thanks to a late local seamstress.

Picking up the story, Maker Space press officer Andi Petch - who is co-ordinating the scrubs-making group - said: “There are when some fantastic stories behind our team’s motivations.

“At the start of the project I sorted through all the fabric we had in the maker space to see what would be suitable.

“We had received a large donation of fabric from Anna, a volunteer who had attended one of our workshops. Her friend, Pam Fortune, had sadly passed away and Pam’s very impressive collection of fabric needed a new home.

“Then four months later Antonia, Pam’s daughter, recognised her mum’s fabric in a photograph of scrubs on our Facebook page and got in contact with us.

“Pam would have been 75 on Saturday, May 9 and it was lovely to discover we shared a birthday. We have made 35 sets of scrubs from Pam’s fabric and as our focus moves on to making face masks we will be utilising even more of her very generous donation.”

Reflecting on the team’s accomplishment, she added: “This is a phenomenal achievement by our volunteers who are all keen to make a difference. We didn’t have a particular target in mind when we started making the scrubs we just wanted to do our bit and will continue as long as the need is there.”

Mrs Fortune’s daughter, Antonia, said: “I recognised the distinctive blue and white striped fabric, which is actually Danish hospital fabric. I was so pleased to see that my mum’s fabric had been put to such good use.

“She was an accomplished seamstress and would be so happy knowing that her fabric is making the scrubs for the people who cared for her during the last nine weeks of her life.

“My sisters and I are delighted that the volunteers at Otley Maker Space have helped to create such a special legacy for mum.”

The Maker Space team’s scrubs are made from cotton or polycotton, are preshrunk and are washable at 60 degrees centigrade. They are provided for free but donations are welcome and can be made via the ‘Otley Maker Space Action for COVID-19’ page on