AIREBOROUGH and Wharfedale residents are being urged to have their say on Leeds Bradford Airport’s expansion plans.

An application to build a three floor, replacement terminal which the airport (LBA) claims will be ‘one of the UK’s most environmentally efficient airport buildings’ has now been lodged with Leeds City Council.

Campaigners, however, are warning about the environmental consequences of the airport’s ambitions - the new terminal will facilitate an increase in annual passenger numbers from four million to seven million by 2030 - and are vowing to fight them.

Ward councillors Sandy Lay, Colin Campbell and Ryk Downes (all Lib Dem, Otley & Yeadon) say it is vital for residents to have their say before the scheme is considered by Leeds planners.

Cllr Campbell said: “This development, if it goes ahead, will have a major impact on both the airport and the surrounding area. It is vitally important that everyone who has a view comments: only in that way will the council be able to reflect local residents’ opinions.”

Cllr Lay said: “A number of people have expressed concerns that because of the current COVID-19 situation public consultation could be curtailed. We have contacted the Director of Planning and received an undertaking that consultation will take place over a longer period than the legal requirement.

“I am confident anyone who wishes to comment will be able to do so.”

Cllr Downes added: “Because of the effect of extra traffic and the proposal to increase night time flying we cannot emphasis enough that residents should comment as soon as they feel able.”

Campaign group GALBA (Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport), however, has described the time being allowed for comments as ‘ridiculously short’. Chair Chris Foren said: “The application contains 200 documents of technical information. Yet the council’s planning department has only allowed four weeks, until June 12, for the public to respond.”

He added: “Expansion would bring more noise for local communities, increased air pollution, more traffic congestion and pump much more CO2 into the atmosphere - making the climate emergency worse.”

Chief Executive of LBA, Hywel Rees, said: “We are committed to the future of LBA and bringing our plans to fruition if approved.

“This significant investment in the airport will protect and create new jobs, boost international connectivity and comes at a time when the region and sector need to turbo-charge the economic recovery.”

The plan, reference number 20/02559/FU, can be viewed at