A YEADON dog trainer and behavioural expert forced to postpone a canine happiness event because of the coronavirus outbreak has arranged for the show to go on for free via a video link.

Kerry Lawson, known as the Fairydogmother, was due to host the inaugural ‘Happy Dog Project’ clinic for local owners with dogs prone to anxiety or aggression.

A webinar will now take its place on Saturday, April 4 from 3pm.

Kerry said the numbers signing up to take part in the original event, coupled with a sudden surge in people willing and able to use modern technology to cope with the current COVID-19 movement restrictions, had encouraged her to set up the webinar.

She said: “I’ve used video technology for some time to resolve behaviour problems, as me being in the room can mean the dog behaving differently. It can often work better than in-person visits.

“I’ve been supporting many more current clients via video link over the past couple of weeks and have also gained new clients after they asked if I could help them too.

“I provide consultation, normally on Zoom which has become particularly popular in recent weeks. We chat through their struggles.

I get all the information I need about their dog’s current routine, food, previous experiences, training and much more, before coming up with a tailored plan to help.

“We then catch up on a regular basis, including me watching dog and owner practice on video to make sure they are making progress.

“I can also send training plans and instructional videos.”

Kerry said she intended the webinar to be fun as well as educational.

She added: “People need a bit of a lift at the moment, and I want to help put a smile back on dog owners’ faces.

“Also, owners have been asked to walk their dogs just once a day for the next few weeks. That has created an opportunity for extra training in the garden, which will be good mentally and physically for dogs and owners alike.

“I want as many people as possible to join the webinar, hopefully learn some new ideas and then let me know how they get on.”

Instructions on how to join the webinar can be found at fairydogmother.co.uk.