HUNDREDS of drivers have been recorded speeding at Old Pool Bank within the space of a few days.

A number of road safety measures were introduced in the hamlet in July to try to make drivers slow down. Those included extending the 40mph zone further down the A660 towards Otley, adding gateway signs and creating an area for a police vehicle to use a speed camera.

Now statistics have been released for the first period of enforcement action - and show that 587 speed offences were recorded on the A660 at Old Pool Bank during seven visits. While astonished by the figures, Councillor Barry Anderson (Con, Adel & Wharfedale) says he is encouraged that action is now being taken.

He said: “I was amazed when I saw the number of speeding offences committed in such a short period. However, it vindicates all of us who had cited this as a problem to Highways and the police.

“Five hundred and eighty seven speeding offences over seven different days equates to over 80 on each occasion, and this will have been over a relatively short time period on each of the days. What I haven’t been told is how far above the speed limit the majority of the vehicles were and what type of vehicles make up the main offenders.

“I will be asking the police for this information once they have had the chance to assimilate it. The important thing is that action is being taken. I am sure drivers will be more careful on this road now and I am pleased the police are carrying out the enforcement.”

Some residents, however, believe the statistics show the need for a 30mph limit and for a permanent, fixed speed camera. Pat McLoughlin and Alan Wolinski, of Bar House Row, said: “Far from being reassuring the figures show that if there was a permanent fixed camera the number of speeding offences would be exponentially higher.

“This also confirms what residents have always known, that we live with an abiding risk to life from speeding cars and heavy lorries. The mobile camera is demonstrably inadequate and this makes a strong case for a fixed camera and a reduction to 30mph.”

MP Alex Sobel (Lab, Leeds North West) said: “Old Pool bank is a very dangerous section of road and we have tragically seen the worst case scenario play out in the recent past.

“The number of speeding offences here clearly shows that a Speed Indicator Device is not a sufficient deterrent. I am meeting with the Highways department at Leeds City Council this week and will raise this directly with them.”

Residents’ calls for action to tackle speeding on the A660 at Old Pool Bank were redoubled following the tragic death of 18 year old Kate Whalley. Kate was struck by a speeding car near Bar House Bends while walking home on June 22, 2017.”