A Guiseley primary school is joining in the Global Climate Strike next week with a number of activities.

Tranmere Park will hold its own “Climate Change Rebellion” demonstration within school on Friday, September 20, as well as a non-uniform day.

Youngsters will be allowed to ditch their uniforms on condition that whatever they wear is a hand me down, second hand, or ethically sourced.

During lessons pupils will focus on one of three areas of concern - deforestation, the oceans, and people and populations.

A spokesman said: “Throughout the day, the children will be learning about what they can do to affect change in their own environments - and understanding the choices they make around their focus area.They will be taking part in the creation of displays for each focus area which will be created and involve each child in each class.”

The day will culminate in the demonstration where children will address the crowds and make the case for their own particular areas.

The school spokesman said: “The Global Climate Strike is being arranged by Greenpeace and has been inspired by 16 year old Greta Thunberg. People from across the country will be striking to raise awareness of Climate Change and our school is planning a fun day to support the cause and illustrate to the children, parents/carers and teachers that climate change is affecting all of us.”

Campaigners are urging young people across the world to take part in the protests.