A LOCAL Parliamentary candidate has taken part in the Great Northern Stop Brexit Conference.

Kamran Hussain, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Leeds North West, joined a line-up which included Professor AC Grayling, Lord Michael Heseltine and MP Hilary Benn, among others, on Saturday, September 7.

The speakers, addressing a sold-out audience at the Met Hotel in Leeds, discussed ways of countering the threats of ‘big data’, the rise of populism, the climate crisis and more.

In his speech, Mr Hussain said: “The first thing we need to counter this far right surge is a far better education, teaching modern history so our young people are made aware of the situation in Europe in the 1930s that led to the Second World War.

“The second is to have a different type of politics with candidates and activists able to develop rigorous analysis and produce material on paper and social media that goes beyond mere slogans, negative tactics and denunciation.”