A PROTEST against the expansion of Leeds Bradford Airport is being organised by Extinction Rebellion.

Campaigners are asking the public to join the peaceful event outside a meeting of Leeds City Council at Civic Hall on September 11.The demonstration is being organised in support of a deputation by a group of residents urging the council to withdraw its endorsement of the airport expansion and refuse to fund the expansion of the associated road network.

A spokesman said: “This will be a peaceful protest and we encourage everyone to bring banners and placards to show Leeds City Council and the public, that we won’t watch quietly while they destroy our futures.”

According to recent research from Leeds University the greenhouse gas emissions from LBA flights will exceed the entire ‘carbon budget’ that Leeds City Council has set itself in order to achieve its target of zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Dru Long, who will lead the deputation, said: “In a world seeking to prevent climate breakdown, there is no place for more flying, and Leeds simply cannot meet its carbon reduction targets if the planned expansion of the airport goes ahead.”

In response to the university research Leeds Bradford Airport’s CEO, Hywel Rees, said the airport had introduced measures that have caused its CO2 emissions to fall by 45 per cent in the last five years.

He added:”The UK aviation sector is undergoing a sea-change and we are confident in its view, as outlined in its 2018 CO2 Road-map, that the adoption of newer, cleaner and quieter aircraft and improved passenger procedures will help accommodate growth in air travel in the UK without a substantial increase in CO2.”