HOSPITAL staff have made their own fun version of a Eurovision-winning hit, telling patients to stop ‘gowning around’ and get dressed.

They hope the video filmed at Bradford Royal Infirmary will encourage patients who are well enough to get out of bed and get dressed.

The video is part of a national campaign #EndPJparalysis being backed by Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Senior nurse at the Trust, Sue Franklin, said Bradford added its own “unique twist” to the campaign by making the mini-musical.

So far more than 1,800 people have watched staff, volunteers and friends of the Trust performing their own take on the catchy 1981 Bucks Fizz hit on video-sharing website Vimeo.

They have changed the words and replaced Making Your Mind Up with Taking Your Gown Off.

The new lyrics include: “You wanna get home soon, you know we wanna see that too but if you’re not well, that’s not swell. We’ll always help and do what we can do but if you’re not dressed that just makes us stressed so please take your gown off!”

Ms Franklin said: “The aims of the #EndPJparalysis campaign are very simple, to get our patients up out of bed, dressed and moving. There is plenty of evidence to show that increased activity can help recovery, reduce muscle wastage, maintain independence and lead to patients being discharged sooner.

“So for our patients here at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust we are joining this national campaign with our own unique twist and going to be encouraging our patients to ‘stop gowning around’ and get up, get dressed and moving.

The Trust’s chief nurse Karen Dawber added: “It may seem staggering but being in a hospital bed for a prolonged period can lead to more harm than good and the best possible advice is for patients to remain as active as possible when clinically able to do so.

“Many patients can lose the ability to carry out routine daily activities such as bathing, dressing, getting out of bed and walking, due to unnecessary bed rest.”

According to experts, for people aged 65 and over, every 10 days of bed rest equals ten years of muscle ageing.

The creator of #EndPJparalysis is Brian Dolan, Honorary Professor of Leadership in Healthcare at the University of Salford. He said: “This could be the difference between a patient going home or going to a care home.”

Clinical staff are now being encouraged to support patients to maintain some normality in their routine and get up, dressed and active.