An unlikely friendship between a young girl’s mum and step-mum is inspiring more organ donors to sign up.

A random conversation between web worker Rachel Padden, 36, from Bingley and her ex-husband’s new partner Bethany Harris, 25, from Cottingley, revealed the two were organ donors and both wanted a ‘Recycle Me’ tattoo.

Ms Padden, who is going through the official process of becoming a living kidney donor, came up with a design for the tattoo and they decided to turn it into a challenge to see how many people they could persuade to sign up as organ donors.

“We’re hoping to reach the target of 50 new donors by December, at which time we’ll get the tattoos done simultaneously,” she said.

Nine people have signed up already. She said: “If we do really well and get more than 100 new donors signed up by then we’ll livestream the whole thing online as well.”

The pair have lined up tattoo artists Daniel Scott and Adam West from Studio 38 in Harrogate Road to do it for them.

“Bethany and I have become friends. It’s not the likeliest of friendships but we get on very well and, after chatting one day, discovered we are both organ donors, both want to get more people signed up as donors and both wanted Recycle Me tattoos,” said Ms Padden.

“We thought if we can make the effort to get on with each other then people can spare a couple of minutes to sign up as a donor! My daughter Elizabeth, who’s 12, thinks it’s pretty cool her mum and step-mum get on so well and are getting matching tattoos,” she added.

The design shows a cardiac line with a heart, the words Recycle Me and then the personalised blood group.

“I’m having mine across my back and Bethany wants hers across her ankle,” she said.

“We’re not suggesting people go out and all get tattoos like ours so they can be recognised as donors but it’s a thought. It’s up to personal choice. I’ve already got a couple of tattoos but this one will be really special,” she added.

In September, the Telegraph & Argus reported that more than 120 people in Bradford have been given life-saving or life-changing transplants in the last year.

Despite that, hundreds of transplants are being missed around the country every year because families are not aware of their relative’s wishes, according to NHS Blood and Transplant.

To find out more about Ms Padden’s challenge go to or Twitter (#TattoosForTransplants) to help the friends reach their goal.