A BRADFORD police officer and mum-of-three who beat breast cancer is urging other women to check themselves.

Fiz Ahmed found a lump while checking herself in the shower and says the routine saved her life.

Now she wants other women to follow her potentially life-saving advice and regularly check their breasts.

“Check yourself and do something about it straight away,” says the 49-year-old.

Mrs Ahmed said finding the lump turned her world upside down at first and she was stunned when doctors broke the news in February 2015 it was breast cancer.

“I work full time, have three children, go to the gym and swim – I just never thought it would happen to me,” she said.

October is breast cancer awareness month, one person is diagnosed every 10 minutes and one in eight people will have breast cancer.

Ten days after Mrs Ahmed found the lump she was sat at St James Hospital in Leeds with her husband being given the devastating news.

She said: “The doctor said to me it is a lottery that no one wants to win and that it can happen to absolutely anybody.”

However, she was told the cancer was treatable and survivable and was started on months of gruelling treatment.

It involved six rounds of chemotherapy, three weeks apart followed by 20 rounds of radiotherapy every day for four weeks.

Telling her three children who at the time were, 8, 9 and 19 was particularly difficult, she said.

“My little girl asked me if I was going to die and I told her mummy was going to put her boxing gloves on,” she said.

Breaking the news to friends and her policing family also began another rollercoaster of emotions but the Force and colleagues were supportive and kept in regular contact.

“They were fantastic,” she added.

Mrs Ahmed, who is now back at work, has to go for annual mammograms and is on medication for the next ten years.

As part of her recovery, she decided to share her story with others although some people were surprised she wanted to be so open about it, she said.

Recently she spoke at a conference attended by 70 women to highlight her journey and gradual recovery.

“Check yourself and do something about it straight away. If you have an issue do not leave it and forget about it – it’s so important to get it sorted.

“There is a network of people out there to catch you when you fall, Breast Cancer Haven Yorkshire charity and the amazing NHS are just parts of this incredible network.” she said.