AT the end of last year, Bradford Christian School was rated Good by Ofsted, two years after being branded inadequate.

This turnaround is largely thanks to the leadership of headteacher Phil Moon, who has guided the school back onto the right track.

He has held the position for 25 years at the school, and was described as a “shining light” in his nomination.

In the nomination, from Susanne Shackleton, it said: “Mr Moon plays an active role in the students’ education, teaching English, and he is committed to helping his students to achieve in all areas of learning.

“When the school was rated inadequate by Ofsted two years ago, far from losing hope and giving up, Mr Moon seized the opportunity to bring fresh vision to the whole school and push forwards to a more positive future.

“Not once did he want to give up and he has worked tirelessly for the past two years to lead the school and turn it around.

“His belief in the future of the school filtered down to all staff who have travelled this journey alongside him. His strength gave strength to the school as a whole, uniting us and bringing us to where we are now.

“He is an inspirational man who has all the qualities of true leadership.”