TWO motorists mounted a pavement to cut past queuing traffic during rush hour.

The two drivers were caught on a dashcam driving along the pavement in Midland Road heading out of the city centre.

The first car, a silver Vauxhall Astra, is seen driving along the pavement at speed through the narrow gap between a stone wall and road signs, before disappearing from view.

It is followed around five seconds later by a dark blue BMW saloon, which cuts up the inside of the queue through a section of the road designated for parked cars, before mounting the pavement to cut past traffic.

The incident of dangerous driving took place just before 4.15pm on Thursday, March 15.

The man who captured the driving on camera, who asked not to be named, said the driving was “reckless and impatient”.

He said: “I was absolutely shocked as it’s reckless driving and impatient people jumping queues.

“Overtaking on the road is acceptable but to drive on a footpath is not.

“Imagine if someone in a wheelchair or pushchair was on the footpath. These drivers need to be sent on a course!”

A spokesperson for Brake - the road safety charity, said: “This footage is incredibly concerning, and it is shocking to see such blatant disregard for the rules of the road, which exist to keep us all safe.

“This is clearly an example of the type of dangerous driving that can, and regularly does, lead to collisions and deaths on the road.

“Too many drivers seem to believe that their journey is more important than the safety of other road users, but thanks to technology we can now have permanent evidence.

“Reckless drivers must be caught and punished, and our police forces must be given the resources to allow them to do this.”

Sergeant Cameron Buchan, who runs West Yorkshire Police’s Operation Steerside, which has been cracking down on dangerous driving in Bradford over the past two years, described the driving as “unjustifiable”.

He said: “This junction is a pinch point in the city, and unfortunately some people get selfish and do not want to wait.

“People think, I don’t want to turn right I want to turn left, and are not prepared to wait.

“The pavement is not made for cars and I take a dim view of anyone who tries to do it.

“These people just cannot be bothered to wait and think they are superior to other people.

“It is unjustifiable and I would be interested how these people can justify there actions even to themselves.

“There could be a school trip or someone on a mobility scooter coming around the corner.”