A MAN has been handed a jail sentence after driving in an “appalling and dangerous” manner.

Bradford Crown Court heard Kye Revitt’s behaviour on November 19, in Bradford city centre, appeared to have been an offence to aggravate police and “provoke a confrontation”.

Prosecutor Jonathan Sharpe said his behaviour caused danger both to officers and the general public. He said Revitt, 32, of Broadstone Way, Holme Wood, Bradford, was driving a black Vauxhall Insignia and ran a red light.

He saw a police officer who was on foot patrol at the time and a made an offensive gesture towards him and shouted abuse.

The officer then called for assistance in stopping his vehicle and two cars were sent to locate him.

When they did locate him on Sunbridge Road, Revitt reversed and drove off at speed, going fast on the offside of the road and driving at 60mph in a 30mph zone.

He then went through red lights without stopping or slowing.

When police were attempting to follow him, he suddenly stopped, reversed and rammed the vehicles.

Revitt then made off at speed and the officers whose car had been rammed then asked for support.

Mr Sharpe said around six vehicles were eventually involved in trying to stop him.

Revitt made his way to Leeds Road.

In what was described as a “somewhat bizarre” incident, Revitt took a metal clock from the car and threw it “frisbee style”.

He then made his way to Wakefield Road, stopped and reversed and rammed the following car to such an extent it was disabled, before driving around a roundabout several times shouting, swearing and making abusive gestures.

He reached speeds of 70mph in a 40mph zone, before suddenly stopping in the middle of the three-lane dual carriageway. When eventually apprehended, he punched and kicked officers. Handcuffs, leg restraints and PAVA spray all had to be used.

The court heard he had voluntarily completed an alcohol awareness course and is working to stabilise his mental health.

Judge David Hatton QC told Revitt he had driven in an “appalling and dangerous” manner. He was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment and was disqualified from driving for 19 months.

Revitt will also be required to take an extended retest.