WEST Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner has paid a visit to officers leading the road safety crackdown on Bradford's roads and pledged to support the project for the “foreseeable future”.

Mark Burns-Williamson used National Road Safety Week, which began on Monday, to drop in on the team involved in Operation Steerside and see for himself the differences being made by the campaign.

Steerside, which started in February last year, was established to target offences known as the ‘fatal four’, namely speeding, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving while using a mobile phone, and driving without wearing a seat belt.

So far, more than 11,000 drivers have been caught under the operation, with about 1,000 vehicles seized.

Mr Burns-Williamson observed Steerside officers as part of his support for Road Safety Week, a campaign which looks to raise awareness of the safe and responsible use of roads and has a particular emphasis on speeding for 2017.

Sergeant Cameron Buchan, who is leading the crackdown, said: “We would like to thank the Police and Crime Commissioner for showing his continued interest in the work of Operation Steerside and were pleased to show him the ongoing work we are doing to make the roads of the Bradford district safer.

“More than 4,000 tickets have been issued to drivers for speeding offences since Steerside began.

"Our figures show that this is the joint most common offence of the ‘fatal four’ with a similar number of tickets being issued to motorists for not wearing a seat belt. Speeding also accounts for almost one quarter - 24 per cent - of serious collisions across the UK.

“We are committed to making the roads safer by targeting those who drive dangerously and anti-socially.”

Mr Burns-Williamson added: “It was great to visit Operation Steerside to see and hear about the ongoing work by our dedicated officers in making our roads safer, and to thank them personally for the significant impact their work is having in cutting down the number of serious incidents on our roads.

“I am very aware of how important safe roads are to our communities. Approximately 40 per cent of respondents to my Police and Crime Plan consultation last year stated that road safety was important to them and it is an issue that is regularly raised with me in person and online.

“I will continue to invest wherever possible and work with West Yorkshire Police, charities such as Brake, and our partners to continue to do all we can to keep our roads safe for everyone.”

Asked about future funding for the Steerside campaign, Mr Burns-Williamson said: “Steerside is due to continue for the foreseeable future.

“I am very supportive of the operation and will be looking at how to sustain this work, and increase roads policing generally, as part of the upcoming budget discussions with the Chief Constable and other partners.

“We are already due to invest in more roads policing officers this year.”