A MINICAB firm is under investigation by Council chiefs after appearing to laugh off concerns about an illegal manoeuvre performed by one of its drivers.

A picture posted on Facebook showed a Wrose Village Taxis cab travelling on the wrong side of what is thought to be Valley Road, Bradford, in an attempt to jump a queue of traffic and included the message: “Totally down wrong side of road, completely blocking oncoming traffic...all to save 30 seconds.”

But the photograph was then shared by Wrose Village Taxis on its Facebook page with the boast: “Wrose Taxis...Driving In Bradford Town!!!! We Will Get You There On Time!!!!! Whatever It Takes....Lmfao.”

A comment posted by Wrose Village Taxis, signed off ‘Aaron’ said: “Ok. I believe that is Valley Road and Queens Road junction at traffic time.

“All the cars are wanting to go left on to Queens Road which is at a red light. The cars on Queens Road are parked up waiting for the same red light. The taxi wants to take a right on to Queens Road.

“Anybody who actually drives that road does this on a daily basis...myself included.

“It’s called peak time driving. I’m not defending or criticising the driver. But if you were in that taxi, 10 mins late for your kids at school etc, you would have a different perspective on life... #rantover.”

The person who shared the photograph and who asked not to be named, said: “It was heavy traffic leading up to the junction near Valley Parade.

“The taxi, along with the Seat car in front, went down the wrong side of the road for about 50 yards, causing other vehicles to mount the kerb.

“Their aim was to push in at the front, but it was unsuccessful and just stayed on the opposite side of the road.”

He added: “It’s disgusting, as they are using it as a promotion.

“You rely on these professional drivers to get you there safely, not as fast as possible.”

When contacted by the Telegraph & Argus, Wrose Village Taxis, based in Kings Road, Bradford, said that its Facebook had been hacked.

The post was shared on August 1, and remained on the company's page for a week until Tuesday afternoon.

A representative for the firm added the driver had been given a warning and the issue had been dealt with, but also said it was not clear if the driver was actually working at the time.

A Bradford Council spokesman said it had been made aware of the matter and as an investigation was being carried out further comment could not be made.

But Councillor Michael Stelling (Liberal Democrat, Bolton and Undercliffe), in whose ward the firm is based, branded the driver’s actions as “out of order”.

“It’s a lot of taxi drivers across the district. I’ve seen it when I’m driving about," he said.

“While most of them are driving safely, some are not. It’s those we need to crack down on.”

Cllr Stelling said in his view driving standards in general were not getting any better and said a number of reasons were to blame, including a lack of enforcement, and claimed “very slowly, we are getting to a lawless society”.

“It’s shameful that people are blatantly flouting common road usage,” he added.

“They should be caught and prosecuted and if they are prosecuted, they should be given a driving ban for a certain period of time.

“It’s becoming the norm to park on double yellow lines, or on the pavement, or to drive on the opposite side of the road.”

He urged people to continue to share images and dashcam footage so the offenders could be dealt with by police.

Fellow ward Councillor David Ward (Ind) said: "It cannot be long before Dash Cams become a standard fitting in all new cars as people seek to protect themselves from the increasingly bad behaviour of other drivers.

"What lies behind this behaviour is a disdain for others and an arrogant belief that 'I can do what I want'.

"Someone who shows no respect for others is a dangerous driver and should not be on the road."