TWO Bradford men have been given extended jail sentences for their part in the shooting of a drug dealer who survived being hit in the chest.

Judge Guy Kearl QC described Hasnain Khan and Owais Ashfaq as dangerous young men when he sentenced them, along with a third man Ahmed Mohammed, from Manchester, at Leeds Crown Court today for the pre-meditated attack on Aftab Khan on February 1 this year.

He was shot in his car in front of his horrified girlfriend after being lured to Cemetery Road, Dewsbury for a drug deal.

The trio were also sentenced for other offences the same night when they threatened motorists at gunpoint to steal a replacement getaway car after their vehicle was damaged as Mr Khan escaped.

Khan, 19, of Carrington Street, Barkerend, Bradford, and Mohammed, 18, of Bowling Green Lane, Longsight, Manchester, were each sentenced to 15 years in custody with an extended five years on licence.

They were both acquitted of attempting to murder Mr Khan but found guilty by a jury of causing him grievous bodily harm with intent, possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life, attempted robbery of a couple in a car and robbery of another motorist.

Judge Kearl said he was satisfied Khan was organising “and pulling the strings” of those involved while from the description of the shooter it was Mohammed, who had travelled across the Pennines, who actually fired the gun.

Owais Ashfaq, 18 of Gladstone Street, Barkerend, was sentenced to 17 years in custody with five years extended licence.

He was convicted of the same offences by the jury but also admitted an attempted robbery on July 11 last year at the Costcutter off-licence in Barkerend Lane, the possession of an imitation firearm on the same date and possession of heroin and crack cocaine with intent to supply on another date.

The judge said it was Ashfaq who had earlier met up with Mr Khan and bought some cannabis from him in a test run. He was then directed to a dark cul-de-sac later that evening so Ashfaq could buy some more once there he saw a Volkswagen Golf which had four men inside.

Having lowered his window to hand cannabis over to Ashfaq he said he had to go back to the car for his money and it was then that the car was surrounded by others and a six foot man in a balaclava fired a sawn-off shotgun into the side of Mr Khan’s chest.

He was able to drive off but collided with the Golf leaving its bumper hanging off. He made it to his uncle’s and was taken to hospital where he had surgery to removed pellets and wadding from his chest. He said he felt lucky to be alive.

The court heard the damaged Golf was driven to Staincliffe Road where the attackers decided they needed a replacement getaway vehicle. They pulled up behind Ben Li Shen and his wife Amy who had just closed their take-away food shop as they stopped at lights in Dewsbury Gate Road junction with Halifax Road.

Two men from the Golf threatened them at gunpoint and tried to open doors without success. The terrified couple managed to drive off and alert the police.

But another motorist John Buchan was spotted in his Peugeot car waiting for his wife in Goose Hill, Heckmondwike. When Mr Buchan got out suspicious about the Golf occupants he was forced to his knees at gunpoint, made to hand over his keys and wallet and his car was driven off. It was later damaged by fire.

Judge Kearl said those victims must have been terrified for their lives, even more so had they known the group had already shot someone.

Hasnain Khan later checked into a hotel in Bradford where he washed himself with petrol to destroy any gunshot residue. His counsel Sam Green QC suggested he was easily led astray by others.

Judge Kearl said in the Costcutter attempted robbery three men had entered, Ashfaq with an imitation gun and another with an axe handle, but they fled empty-handed when the shopkeeper fought with them leaving him with a back injury and not able to work for five weeks.

Peter Birkett QC, for Ashfaq, said a report indicated he was “young, poorly educated and easily led without real appreciation of the harm and fear the offences would cause in others”.

The court heard Mohammed told a probation officer he had been “trying to make a name for himself”.

After the case, Detective Chief Inspector Sue Jenkinson, who led the West Yorkshire Police investigation into the shooting, said: “We are pleased to see these men behind bars today for quite outrageous displays of violence in our communities. 

“It is no exaggeration to say their 24-year-old victim could easily have been killed and we are pleased the court has reflected the seriousness of how authorities take the discharge of firearms in its sentencing. 

“This sentencing should make it clear that those who are involved in such serious offences will spend a significant amount of time behind bars.” 

She added: “The force now has a specialist Firearms Prevent Team which investigates gun crime and I would urge anyone who has information about the possession of firearms in West Yorkshire can contact them on 101. 

“Reports can also be made in complete anonymity to the independent Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.”