MCDONALD’S restaurant, in Kirkgate, Bradford, has reopened its doors following a digital makeover.

The store now offers a digital ‘click and collect’ ordering service and has created12 jobs.

The new mobile app is one of the latest innovations from McDonald’s focused on improving and enhancing the restaurant experience for customers.

Local franchisee Duncan Taylor provides customers with even more choice and convenience on how they order and enjoy their McDonald’s

Customers can order when and where they want and at their own pace, without having to queue. They can also redeem offers and access menu updates, customising them so it is tailored to their preference.

The restaurant is the 5th of franchisee Duncan Taylor’s six restaurants to be digitally converted.

Mr Taylor, who employs 550 staff across South East Yorkshire, said: “I’m proud to be able to offer customers more choice as to how they enjoy their McDonald’s experience with this new digital store.

“There’s been a great response so far from staff and customers alike. “McDonald’s is committed to harnessing digital innovation to provide our customers with the food they want, when and how they want it, as seen with the addition of mobile ordering. We anticipate ‘click and collect’ being very popular particularly when people are in a hurry and on-the-go.”

Other changes made to the restaurant also help customers enjoy their local restaurant in a way that works for them. Customers have the option to use one of the restaurant’s five self-service kiosks, meaning visitors to the restaurant can order at a speed that suits them, while easily accessing nutritional information and making informed food choices.

The digitalization of the restaurants has also made table service possible, with McDonald’s being the first in its category to offer this.

The introduction of this service has also provided the crew with more opportunities to interact with customers and build valuable soft skills from working front of house.

Over 80 per cent of McDonald’s restaurants across the country have been digitally transformed in the past three years, by the end of 2018, all McDonald’s restaurants in the UK will offer customers an enhanced digital McDonald’s experience. Other digital features in the restaurants include free to use tablets as well as coffee cup recycling facilities in the dining area.

McDonald’s in Forster Square, Bradford, will undergo a digital makeover later this year.