A BRADFORD inventor is hoping to hit a £30,000 crowdfunding target in 25 days.

Idorenyin Eno, 31, has come up with a green device that he says not only will save money but also precious energy too.

Mr Eno, who studied his Masters in wireless, sensors and embedded systems at the University of Bradford, hopes his portable electronic device charger will go global.

So far his crowdfunding page at bit.ly/charggee has attracted just under £2,000 but he is confident it will reach its target to start its production and find a footing on the market.

Known as the Charggee, people can set the charger to a timer which means they can control how long they want their device to charge without having to be there to switch it off. It also means batteries are less likely to get damaged from overcharging and wasted energy is cut right down.

There has already been some interest from contact in America and he is hopeful the Charggee will become a best-seller.

"I've said I'd like £30,000 to kickstart the project but £40,000 would be even better. You need a lot of courage to put your designs out there on the market place but I believe it has lots of potential. I'm very hopeful. All I need is 2,000 people to give £20 each.

"The money I have so far has come from 11 people who have stumbled across it by chance. Once word gets out, more and more people will want to benefit from its potential."

The first Charggee prototype was made in 2015 and Mr Eno has been using it ever since.

"Nowadays people have lots of electronic devices and if they are just one member of a household there will be many more. I was thinking of all the wasted energy of people leaving chargers on over night or when they are out and I decided to set out and solve the problem myself - I think I've done it," he said.

And he added: "It becomes quite a task if you have multiple devices to charge every day. With the Charggee you can set the time and forget about it because it switches itself off when the time is up. You can choose from half an hour to one hour, two, three and four hours.

"It's portable so you can take it any where with you, it gives people back the power over charging and as well as saving some money, it will be greener for the environment."

He plans to sell the Charggee for round £10.