An online data system that tracks the progress of children through nursery and primary school and is the brainchild of a Bradford teacher is set to be rolled out nationally after trials in two city schools.

Early Essence to Primary Essence has been developed by deputy head Scott Parker along with web expert Adam Mawson.

The new system is designed to replace current paper-based tracking systems in schools, saving teachers hours of time and making live information more widely available, including to parents who can also give feedback on their child's progress.

The new tool is designed to both track children’s progress and identify potential problems.

Brackenhill School, in Great Horton , Bradford, where Mr Parker is deputy head responsible for data processing, and St John’s CE Primary School, also at Great Horton, have been trialling the system for the past year, along with Whitehill Community Academy, Halifax and Carr Green Primary School at Brighouse .

New Zealand-born Mr Parker, a teacher for ten years, said: “The intelligent use of data has become central to the work of all professionals involved in education and having had responsibility for data management and analysis over many years, it is my ambition to see more data smart schools delivering pupil progress.

“At any moment nursery providers, schools and parents have access 24-7 to personalised, relevant and current reports which profile a child’s progress against national, school and personalised aspirational targets both accurately and coherently.

“This powerful tool has been developed by teachers and parents for teachers and parents.

“We understand how schools need their data presenting and how parents want to access information about their child’s development. We believe this is one of the most professional and comprehensive data tracking systems available and will be the must-have data tool for school improvement, helping teachers and parents work together to ensure children realise their true potential.”

Brackenhill School’s head teacher, Helen Metcalf said: “After years of searching for an effective data system, this truly addresses the needs of the school to give teachers comprehensive tools to ensure every child meets their potential.

“It is user-friendly and quickly responds to changing needs. The tracking tool has saved a great deal of valuable time for teachers and school leaders.

“It is fantastic to always have current data at your fingertips without the number crunching.

“One of the most exciting elements is the ability for parents to access their child’s information at home in their home language. Primary Essence is key to pupil progress at Brackenhill Primary .”

The system is due to be officially launched at an early years education exhibition in November.