A Bradford Council enterprise support programme has supported an entrepreneurial husband-and-wife team to take over a business selling cycle stabilisers for disabled people.

Val Muff decided to take over the business, Good Designs, after becoming aware of it during her years working for a charity for the disabled, HemiHelp She heard the owner of the business, an engineer who designed the stabiliser, wished to retire but wanted the cycling aid to stay on the market.

Mrs Muff, who worked for the charity for children with hemiplegia – a condition usually caused by a stroke around the time of birth, creating a weakness on one side of the body – said: “With my background this was of interest to me so I suggested to my husband, James, that we consider taking it over.

“These stabilisers really give disabled children and adults the confidence to ride a bike.

“Having seen the benefits first hand we wanted to help continue the business.

“By taking on this business we wanted to give people with hemiplegia and other similar conditions an opportunity to be independent, ride a bike and improve their confidence.”

The couple, from East Morton , received support from Bradford Council’s enterprise support programme, Kickstart.

Rav Panesar, an Enterprise Coach at Keighley -based Airedale Enter-prise Services, supported Val and James through discussions around business planning, profit margins and legal matters.

Mr Panesar said: “Having those conversations and opening doors helped them to progress and take on a great little business.

“Entrepreneurs are people who spot an opportunity and go for it – I've no doubt that James and Val fit into this category.

“Having a part to play in their journey has been both rewarding, satisfying and enjoyable.”

Mrs Muff said: “Rav has really given us the confidence to take the plunge and purchase the business. Having someone to talk to, bounce ideas off and listen to our concerns has really helped us to plan ahead.”

The company, Good Designs, assembles the stabilisers, known as Adjustabilisers, and dispatches them to the UK and Europe.

The Adjustabilisers are fully adjustable, both vertically and laterally, and as the rider gains more confidence, slight adjustments can be made at each stage until they have fully acquired the skill of cycling.

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