A Keighley firm has helped one of the country’s largest private aviation companies overhaul its security operation, meaning high-profile visitors can continue using the site.

Multiflight, next to Leeds-Bradford International Airport, has combined technologies to complete the £50,000 upgrade. Users of the private facility include royalty and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The investment means the company, which operates a five-acre site, can meet changes in Department of Transport regulations.

The security system was developed by Keighley-based security provider Keybury Fire and Security, which helped maximise the use of existing equipment while at the same time investing in new technology to deliver 21st century site security.

Keybury developed a hybrid system with analogue CCTV equipment installed five years ago integrating with the latest in high definition digital camera technology.

Multiflight, which was established almost 20 years ago, deals with 3,000 flights a year and has 270 approved users of the facility, including 70 of its own staff and Yorkshire Air Ambulance personnel.

Customers include leading business figures from major Yorkshire companies and private jet owners who use the site to house their aircraft. More than 30 aeroplanes are kept in hangars including two air ambulances and a Boeing 737. Continued investment in security means clients such as the Queen and Prince Philip, who used the VIP facility for visits during Diamond Jubilee celebrations, can visit the site.

Multiflight managing director Steve Borrowdale said: “The very nature of our operation means we need optimum security, not only so that we are compliant with industry regulations, but because it is a vital aspect of our service to customers and our responsibility to staff.

“Our investment has delivered not only these aims, but significant cost savings thanks to Keybury’s innovative approach and experience.”

Keybury director Patrick Beebe added: “The Multiflight environment is not dissimilar to those of other sectors where a large site or building is involved with numerous access points and users. It’s a good example of how existing security measures can be enhanced with the latest technology to deliver an up-to-date, reliable and efficient security system.”