The Bradford Means Business Awards 2021 aim to celebrate the successes and achievements of companies throughout the Bradford district.

Nominations are open across ten categories, and the Winner of Winners Award will be decided on the night.

The Social Mobility Award, sponsored by Exa Networks, was first introduced in 2020, although it has not been granted yet, due to the cancellation of the ceremony due to the Covid pandemic.

It aims to recognise the hard and continued work of the district’s businesses, social enterprises and social entrepreneurs.

Those individuals or organisations that go beyond the norm and achieve the highest standards for communities, organisations, schools and businesses.

Those who provide access for employees and people in the district to new opportunities and growth whilst using the district’s diversity to champion our changing economy.

Social mobility is key to ensuring our local communities thrive through the ability to access opportunity and overcome barriers to social inclusion.

Finalists will be those businesses who can demonstrate how they have sought to understand factors which impact social mobility in our district and have then worked effectively to address these issues and support the provision of relevant services.

Find out more about the Bradford Means Business Awards 2021 here and nominate a business here.