Plans to extend quarrying on Harden Moor have been thrown out by Bradford Council.

The Council's executive has followed the earlier recommendation of Shipley Area Committee in rejecting a proposal to carry out test drilling on Harden Moor.

More than 1,000 people had signed petitions opposing the plan for Midgeham Cliff End Quarry, which could have led to an extra 12 acres of open land being quarried.

Quarry bosses had wanted an extension of quarrying to the north-west of the existing site. The company had said the operation would take 11 to 14 years to complete, including site restoration.

An 852-name petition objecting to the proposal was submitted and objections were also received from the Campaign to Protect Rural England, Denholme Town Council, Cullingworth Parish Council, Bradford Ornithological Group and the Open Spaces Society.

A petition containing 229 names was sent in support.

Roger Sadler, managing director of Midgeham Cliff End Quarry, refused to rule out seeking a judicial review of the decision.

He said the decision would eventually lead to job losses.

"We've got eight good lads working here and four drivers and quarrying will end at some point," he said. "We will be able to keep going for maybe six years by downsizing, but that's with a reduced workforce. There are other options, such as we have a recycling licence."

He said he felt disappointed: "All we wanted to do was open some bore holes to find out if decent block stone was there, but that's just been snuffed out.

"About 1,000 people signed a petition against our proposal, but I doubt there would have been the same furore if there were 1,000 people working here.

"Environmentally it's a bad thing because with demand for block stone it will be got from out of area and that means a lot of diesel fuel will be burned to bring it in."