Members of Bradford-based theatre company Mind the Gap are heading to London this weekend for a performance for Unlimited, the UK’s largest programme celebrating arts, culture and sport by deaf and disabled people.

The actors will perform Irresistible – Call Of The Sirens at London’s Southbank Centre tomorrow.

The show, which has been performed at Ilkley ’s Cow and Calf rocks, combines music, theatre and film, and features a cast of 18, including three musicians performing blues, country, rap and hip-hop.

It was devised by composer, performer and musician Jez Colborne, who was awarded £16,517 to compose a piece of music celebrating the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. He collaborated with Mind the Gap, which provides opportunities for actors with disabilities, on the open-air piece.

He has performed across the UK and in countries such as Brazil, Canada, China and Germany.

Jez has performed with John Dankworth, Kenny Ball and Guy Evans of Van de Graaf Generator. He also won the Eurovision Song Contest for Disabled People, performing his own original piece.

Driven by a life-long fascination with sirens, Jez can hear music where most of us hear noise.

In Irresistible, he is the lead character who, on a journey, meets the Hobos, who guide him, the Crew who intimidate him and the singing Sirens, who lure him.

Jez says: “Irresistible brings a whole new meaning to sirens, mixing them with singers, music and lighting to make sirens the star of the show.”

Mind the Gap’s artistic director Tim Wheeler adds: “It is fantastic to be presenting Jez’s work in the capital as part of the London 2012 Festival. The whole cast loved performing the piece at the Yorkshire shows back in May, and they’re so excited to have the opportunity to perform alongside such an amazing array of world-class performers and artists in two of London’s most prestigious performance venues.

“It’s great that Unlimited runs alongside the Paralympics, giving both disabled athletes and artists their chance to shine and us as audiences and spectators the opportunity to celebrate their abilities, not their disabilities.

“At Mind the Gap our aim is to show that both learning disabled artists and non-learning disabled artists can produce performance work of the highest standard, and our audiences are often blown away by the talent we have in the company.”

Mind the Gap’s Irresistible is one of 29 projects commissioned across the UK as part of the Southbank’s Unlimited programme – part of the London 2012 Festival – running parallel to the London 2012 Paralympics.

Unlimited is principally funded by the Olympic Lottery Distributor and delivered in partnership between London 2012, Arts Council England, the Scottish Arts Council, Arts Council of Wales, Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the British Council.