A 25-year-old man who repeatedly slammed a window on his terrified former partner as she climbed through it to escape him has been jailed for two years and three months.

Jason Roddis left Haley Harney, the mother of his two children, covered in bruises and with cuts to her body, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.

It came only weeks after Roddis grabbed Miss Harney round the neck and punched her three times in the face at her home in Clayton , Bradford.

Roddis, of Kendal Street, Parkwood, Keighley , pleaded guilty to common assault and criminal damage on April 30, causing Miss Harney actual bodily harm, breach of a non molestation order and theft of her phone on June 4 and burgling a house while on bail on June 9.

Prosecutor Nigel Hamilton said Roddis and Miss Harney’s “on-off” relationship ended in January.

She moved to another area of Bradford from their then home in Clayton.

By March, he was pestering her to move back in with him.

On April 30, Miss Harney asked Roddis to look after their children while she attended a medical appointment.

When she refused to get back together with him, he seized and punched her and broke a window.

Miss Harney obtained a non molestation order from the County Court.

On June 4, she and Roddis met by a chance at a house in Clayton. As she climbed through a window to escape him, he slammed it on her several times and pulled her legs to try to restrain her.

He stole her phone when it dropped from her pocket.

While on bail, and subject to an overnight curfew order, Roddis burgled a family home in Newhay Road, East Bowling , Bradford.

He had been drinking and taking drugs when he sneaked into the property, where a woman and children were sleeping late at night, and stole a phone and cigarettes. He was caught after leaving a fingerprint on a door and being spotted ordering a taxi nearby.

Roddis, who has 20 convictions for 29 offences, asked the court to consider another house burglary, on July 19, when sentencing him.

His solicitor advocate, Simon Hustler, said his client went off the rails. He had hoped for a reconciliation with Miss Harney and was very disappointed when it was not to be.