A Bradford cabbie was jailed for more than three years after ferrying heroin across the county for a major drugs dealer.

Detectives carried out a four-month covert surveillance operation during which they trailed Mohammed Yasin, 38, as he delivered drugs in bulk from Bradford to Hull for Mohammed Ali, 40, of Park View, Halifax.

The drugs were to be cut with paracetamol and caffeine and mixed in a blender to supply to street dealers. The amount seized by police was enough to create 6,800 street deals estimated to be worth £68,000.

The police intercepted the first shipment organized by Ali to be sent to Leonard Gibson, 60, who was working for major Hull underworld drug dealer Mark Armstrong, 48, on August 22 last year. Hull Crown Court heard Ali and Yasin, of Victoria Street, Cleckheaton , were in phone contact with each other as the drugs set off from Bradford to be driven along the M62 for a meeting with Gibson near Hull’s Pearson Park.

Yasin was seen to get out of his VW Passatt and exchange a package with Gibson. Police swooped on Gibson and he was arrested with 189 grams of heroin. Yasin was allowed to drive back to Bradford so they could gather more intelligence on the operation and catch those at the top of the chain.

Despite losing the initial consignment, Ali kept dealing in drugs, the court was told.

Ali was followed travelling from Halifax to Hull in a chauffeured car. He had a meeting with Armstrong in Beech Close, Hull, leaving shortly after and heading back along the M62.

He was stopped by police at Howden Spa, near Goole, on the M62 and found to have £2,100 worth of cash heavily contaminated with drugs. Ali and his driver were arrested and Ali told police he had been to Hull to collect rent from a restaurant which his brother had an interest in.

Released on bail, he was apprehended after he sent Yasin to Hull again with £50,000-worth of heroin on November 12. As he made the drop, police swooped on them and found Armstrong hiding in an alleyway with a bag containing £6,000.

Ali was jailed for eight and a half years, after pleading guilty to two charges of being concerned in the supply of heroin. Yasin was jailed for three years and four months after pleading guilty to the supply of heroin.

Armstrong, of Cave Street, Hull, was jailed for 12 years. Gibson, of Newland Avenue, Hull, was jailed for three years and four months.

The court heard both Ali and Yasin had never been to prison.

Jailing the gang at Hull Crown Court, Judge Mark Bury said: “The profit would have been given to you, Armstrong, because you were the organiser. Armstrong played the leading role and there was expectation of significant financial gain. You had influence over others. Ali, you also played a significant role.

“Heroin wrecks people’s lives. I have to pass significant sentences to deter others from getting involved in this evil business.”

The judge also ordered separate police investigations in each of their personal finances to claw back their ill-gotten gains from crime under the Proceeds of Crime Act.