A Bradford man who used his mobile phone to film a mysterious bright light in the sky believes it must be something “out of this world”.

Raja Tariq Mehmood, 59, says he can’t think of any “logical” explanation for what he saw after spotting a dome-shaped flying object as he left Abu Hanifa mosque in the early hours of the morning.

Mr Mehmood, who works at The Co-operative, spotted the object in the sky as he left the mosque after prayers at around 3.45am on Monday.

He said: “Because it’s Ramadan, we have been staying up late. At first I thought it must be a plane taking off from the airport, but when it came to my side and I could see it – well, I’d never seen a light like that before!”

The dad tracked the light on his drive home, even stopping outside the East Ward Labour Club on Otley Road to take a better look.