A couple who won £1.4 million in a National Lottery draw have spoken about how their lives have changed since they hit the jackpot almost 15 years ago.

David and Margaret Storey, of Shipley, were just six weeks away from getting married when their numbers came up in October 1998.

Their big win meant they were able to change their honeymoon destination from Blackpool to Barbados and they have since travelled to other far- flung destinations including the Maldives and the Dominican Republic.

Mrs Storey, 58, who was working as a craft instructor for adults with learning disabilities at the time of the win, said the money was a welcome relief for the couple as her husband, now 62, was unable to work due to ill health.

She said: “It’s taken away any worry. I think anybody would have financial concerns if there was only one wage coming in. We have moved to a larger detached house and it’s given us the chance to travel more.”

But the couple, who also enjoy coach trips around Scotland and holiday in Cyprus each year, said they still lead a normal life.

“We haven’t changed,” Mrs Storey said. “It gave us peace of mind and it gave us choices. We live an average life. Initially we went on a few big holidays but then we settled down and have done normal things.”

The couple, who also gave money to friends, family and charities, have now been asked to share their experiences as part of a network of winners and advisors, formed ahead of this month’s EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle.

The record breaking draw on Friday, July, 27 – held to coincide with the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games – will guarantee to create 100 millionaires in the UK.

Mrs Storey advised future winners to wait before deciding how best to spend or invest their money.

She said: “Have a holiday more or less straightaway because you need time to get your head around things as it’s a shock. You need to consider very carefully who you might give money to.

“I would leave it about 12 months before you do anything really, because you need time to come to terms with it and you learn who your real friends are.”