People living along the A65 corridor between Ilkley and Leeds feel the “heart” is being ripped out of their communities, according to a group trying to create a new body to represent them.

Discussions are being held to create an Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum to give residents a chance to have their say on plans for the likes of Guiseley, Rawdon, Yeadon and Horsforth, which do not have town or parish councils, in the wake of the Local Development Framework (LDF) and Neighbourhood Plans.

But people trying to create the new forum, say early indications show residents feel their communities are being ruined by LDFs and want to have a say in how their futures are being shaped.

The LDFs for Leeds and Bradford are suggesting thousands of new homes should be built along the A65 corridor, but Jennifer Kirkby, of Wharfedale and Aireborough Review Development (WARD), which is helping to create the forum, says people are worried.

There has been one meeting in Guiseley to start talks about the forum and WARD, which is against overdevelopment in the area and the loss of green space, took a snapshot of people’s concerns.

“The ‘your views’ exercise we did has already started to create a picture of a community who feel ‘on the brink’, who value being near Leeds and Ilkley, but not part of Leeds,” she said.

“There is a feeling of the community’s heart being torn out by the heartless, leaving pulses pumping away in pockets.

“Without doubt, a sense of overcrowding and the dreadful congestion on the roads, along with parking are big issues. And, although schools are acknowledged as being good, there is a welter of support for infrastructure that supports young people and gives them a sense of belonging and continuity.”

WARD is carrying out research to find out what more people think and says discussions are ongoing with Leeds Council to help shape the forum and the geographical areas it could cover.

More meetings are planned for Rawdon and Yeadon.