Malicious wreckers have damaged a speed camera in what could have been revenge for getting clocked.

Witnesses reported a lorry and chain was used to pull over the expensive camera’s mountings in a 30mph zone in Valley Road, Shipley.

The supporting pole has been yanked from its base, leaving the yellow camera box dangling over the roadside wall. The camera itself has now been removed by the camera unit team at the West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership and is expected to be repaired and replaced.

Bradford District Roads Policing team received the report on the damaged camera but it is being investigated by Shipley Neighbourhood Policing Team.

A Roads Policing Team officer said: “It was discovered on Wednesday but we don’t know when the damage was caused. It would appear to be a deliberate act of criminal damage. Whether it is someone who was upset at being caught on it, we do not know.”

The camera became operational last year but has a low number of offences, leading to an average of fewer than one fixed penalty ticket a day.

West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership said fixed cameras are used to detect speeding offences and red light violations, counter serious accident problems, protect vulnerable road users and encourage driver compliance. All fixed camera equipment is approved by the Home Office.