A depressed young mother tragically hanged herself at an unoccupied flat in Bradford, an inquest heard.

Toni Harris, 21, the mother of a four-year-old daughter, was on anti-depressant tablets, but had not been taking them before her death, the Bradford inquest was told yesterday.

Miss Harris, of Evans Towers, Ternhill Grove, Little Horton, Bradford, had married an Iraqi man, under Muslim law, when she was 17 but they split up when their daughter was 18-months-old and she had only limited access to her. The Court heard her husband had been controlling and abusive to her.

Later, she moved in with another Iraqi man, who was also said to have tried to control her life and was alleged to have assaulted her, and they also split up shortly before her death.

He told police she was prone to mood swings and was supposed to take medication, but preferred cannabis. He said he had asked her to leave and said the only reason he could think of for her death was not being allowed custody of her daughter.

In a statement read to the inquest, Miss Harris’s mother, Rosemary Rahmon-shahre, said her daughter had threatened to harm herself in the past over access to her daughter.

But she said the last time she saw her daughter she seemed happy and normal.

Miss Harris was discovered in a friend’s former flat in Bolingbroke Court, Elsdon Grove, Little Horton, on May 2 last year, but she is thought to have been dead for several days.

Assistant Deputy Coroner Roger Whittaker said Miss Harris was suffering from depression but was not taking her medicine. It was clear no third party was involved.

Mr Whittaker said he was satisfied her only intention was to end her life.

He recorded a verdict that Miss Harris took her own life.