Trying to save the Odeon is top of the agenda for new Bradford West MP George Galloway.

Mr Galloway said that he would be writing to Bradford Council to get hold of the engineering report to see what could be done to save the building. He is also going to field Respect candidates in every seat up for grabs in the local May elections in Bradford with a rally tomorrow to garner support.

Also finding out why there have been no penalties inflicted on Westfield for not yet building on Broadway is also on the new Respect MP’s agenda.

Speaking to the Telegraph & Argus yesterday, Mr Galloway said he would be spending his weekends at his Manningham home and his weeks in Westminster.

He was scathing about the current Council, describing them as “incompetent”. “I think the Council is disastrous and we need a broom to sweep it clean,” he said.

“I am already suing at least one councillor for a very serious libel for £100,000.”

Mr Galloway, when asked why he emerged victorious, said: “I think there is a large well of discontent with local councillors here in Bradford.

“There has been a neglect of people and it is manifest for everyone to see.

“Voters can’t believe that this kind of political leadership is as good as it gets.

“Someone offered a different perspective and different ideas and people related to it in extraordinary numbers.

“Nobody predicted this result and I was the only person in Britain who thought I would win it.

“We got 85 per cent of the vote in the University Ward and are moving our national Respect HQ here from Manchester.

“We have one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the city of those aged 24 which has increased by 40 per cent since January, so if we put a fraction of that cash into youth services in Bradford that would help.”

Asked about his priorities, he said the Odeon was the most urgent.

“It is literally falling down,” he said.

“I am demanding access to the site and need to know whether it can be saved. I have some plans and think we should do everything we can to save it.

“The Westfield site is a much bigger scandal. I want to know who drew up the contract and why no effective penalty clause is in it. How is it possible for a foreign multinational company to take a premium piece of land and public money and not deliver and not be punished for it?”

Mr Galloway said he would make a difference in Parliament, despite being an independent MP. “I will be raising issues in the House of Commons and demanding that things are done,” he said. “Bradford needs a strong voice to speak up for the people and my voice is heard.

“I don’t want to scuffle with the Council, but I want to vote in better people in the local elections. Bradford is a beautiful place with wonderful people and a multicultural population.”

Does he think he can make a difference? “I hope so, certainly 56 per cent of people think so.”