Bradford Bulls have warned they will go bust unless supporters raise £1million – at least half by mid-April – to save the cash-strapped Super League club.

The Bulls have battled financial woes for several years, but they now say their problems have reached crisis point and that the Good Friday visit of Leeds Rhinos could be their last-ever game at Odsal.

The Bulls face going out of business after revealing they have been dealt a double whammy which has left them desperately short of cash.

Chairman Peter Hood said the sale of the lease on Odsal to the RFL, announced in January, had allowed the club to repay money owed to the game’s governing body.

Yet Mr Hood stated that the Bulls had not originally expected to pay back all of the monies owed to the RFL straight away.

And last week the Bulls were told by the Royal Bank of Scotland that their overdraft facility had been significantly reduced, leaving them with “no cash”, according to Mr Hood.

He told the T&A: “I don’t think the situation could be more critical.

“Without the oxygen of cash in our bloodstream we cannot operate.

“We’ve got to generate a significant sum to survive and we’re doing everything we can to achieve that.

“If we haven’t got cash then we can’t stay alive and if we can’t stay alive then we can’t fulfil our fixtures. It’s that serious.”

The club have written to every season ticket holder, member and sponsor in a desperate plea for funds.

The Bulls are targeting £1million and say half of that must come by the middle of April for them to survive.

The club are asking for every 2012 Member to donate at least £100 in a bid to save the Bulls.

Mr Hood added: “If this pledge raised £100,000 or £200,000 then I don’t think that’s anywhere like enough.

“But if sponsors come forward and we get to between £400,000 and up to £800,000, then it probably would be.

“We can’t afford to leave any stone unturned and the most important people are those who support the club.

“I wouldn’t want to fail without trying this.

“There is no loan money available, it simply doesn’t exist.”

The Bulls employ around 150 staff and operate with an annual turnover of between £3-4million.

Their annual wage bill is around £2.5million but Mr Hood said the cash had now almost run out.

Players and staff will be told about the perilous financial state today, with huge doubts surrounding the club’s ability to pay their wages in mid-April.

Director Andrew Bennett said: “We’re at death’s door.”

He added: “We can stay alive for about two and a half weeks.

“We could just about, at this moment in time, put the Leeds game on.

“But that could be the last-ever game at Odsal unless money comes in quickly.”

Bennett added: “If we get over the blip, we’ve got a plan that actually takes us forward long-term that physically works as a business.

“Therefore we wouldn’t need to go back to our fans in 12 months’ time asking for them to bail us out again.”