Paramedics and police have joined forces to provide rapid response for alcohol-fuelled revellers and victims of drunken violence, in the first pilot scheme of its kind in Bradford.

An officer in Bradford City Ward Neighbourhood policing team and a paramedic from Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) NHS Trust have started patrols in the city centre late on Fridays and Saturdays which traditionally see a rise in the number of emergency 999 calls.

They provide a “quick response” with the paramedic helping those who have drunk too much or attacked while out drinking, while police will deal with any aggressive behaviour or trouble-causers.

The move means people can be treated at the scene, rather than taken to hospital, easing “pressures placed on the police and ambulance service by alcohol-related incidents”, a police spokesman said.

Bradford City Ward NPT Inspector Kevin Pickles said: “By working together, we can quickly resolve incidents there and then which require the assistance of the police.

“This might be having to wait with those who are ill or injured until the paramedics arrive. Likewise, paramedics could require police assistance to deal with someone who is drunk and aggressive, which can also take additional time.

“While we are dealing with any instances of anti-social behaviour, crime or disorder, the paramedic provide early medical assessment and treatment to those who are injured.

“Through this joint approach, we can have an instant impact and be quickly ready to respond to further calls.”