A Bradford banker has rowed her way into the record books after completing a gruelling crossing of the Atlantic ocean.

Katie Pattison-Hart, who grew up in Baildon, was part of a five-woman team called Row For Freedom.

They have become the first five-woman team to row any ocean, and have also completed the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by an all-female team, organisers said.

The team arrived in Barbados yesterday after spending 45 days at sea.

The women were taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, rowing from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Barbados, and are raising money for charities that work to stop human trafficking.

Skipper Debbie Beadle said: "We're exhausted and relieved. We've seen nothing but the sea, dolphins and each other for 45 days, so it's overwhelming to see all our family and friends.

"Our bodies are falling apart - we're waking up with our hands cramped into the rowing position and our backs aching.

"We've been on dehydrated food and desalinated water for a month and a half, so we can't wait to have some proper food and an ice-cold cocktail! Oh, and to sleep in a proper bed.

"It's all so emotional - and to break a world record too."

Simon Chalk, race official from organiser Woodvale Challenge, said: "It's an incredible achievement.

"Rowing the Atlantic is one of the most challenging expeditions in the world, and it took real tenacity for these girls to get through it in such incredible spirits and break the World Record in such convincing fashion."