His work has been banned twice but a controversial artist making waves on the internet says his inspirations are far more wholesome.

Fox Bronte is on his third channel on YouTube after previous videos efforts were suspended – thanks to his use of various body parts and bodily fluids to create his pieces.

But with more than 838,000 views on his pages and nearly 25,000 subscribers, the 24-year-old Bradford-born artist is reportedly the most subscribed-to visual artist in the UK – and is growing ever more popular.

And although some of his works include painting a picture of a Prime Minister on a friend’s buttocks, painting a clown with toothpaste and a toothbrush, creating portraits using his own vomit and a sculpture using sanitary products, Mr Bronte, real name Ian Dennis, says he was inspired by a children’s programme.

“It started after I watched an episode of Art Attack,” said Mr Bronte, who lives in Ilkley.

“It was all about using different materials and I just thought I’d see what happens.

“For the General Election in 2010, I painted Gordon Brown on my cousin’s bum and that went viral on the internet.

“It went from there and gave me a bit more confidence.”

Mr Bronte, who has had no formal artistic training but has been drawing since he was a child, has probably become most infamous for his Lady Gaga portrait painted with his penis. But he insists he is not out to shock and just wants to bring entertainment to art.

He said: “I want to make it entertaining. I recently went around the National Gallery and there was no-one there because it’s boring.

“My inspirations are people like Rolf Harris and Tony Hart. My audiences are different but I try to connect with the audience in the same way.”

Now he is hoping his work can find a more mainstream platform, and is entering Britain’s Got Talent this year.

“I’m going to paint Amanda Holden in two minutes using toothpaste,” he said.