A councillor is calling on Bradford Council to take action over a derelict house in Bradford Moor before a catastrophe occurs.

Anti-social youngsters gather at 125 Fitzroy Avenue most nights to have parties, flytip and generally cause a disturbance, according to ward councillor Mohammed Shafiq.

He is now calling on the Council to take action against the landlord or consider compulsory purchasing the house to put a stop to the anti-social behaviour.

“It is an accident waiting to happen,” he said.

“Young people are always coming and going from that property and someone could set fire to it, leading to catastrophic consequences for neighbours and their properties.”

Residents descended on Coun Shafiq’s latest surgery to complain about the house, which is understood to have lain derelict for the past nine years. They said the constant disturbances there were making their lives a misery.

“I will be speaking with the Council to ensure that action is taken sooner rather than later,” Coun Shafiq added.

“There are issues around illegal substances and I want the Council to use their powers to either purchase it or deal with it. People are becoming quite concerned about the level of activity around that property in the evening.

“Residents are at the end of their tether. It is unacceptable to have landlords who do not take responsibility for keeping their properties in reasonable condition.”

Abdul Razaq, whose son Abbul Wahab lives next door to the house with his five children, said that damp in his son’s house could not be treated because it was stemming from the adjoining property.

“My son has spent £30,000 refurbishing his property but has got his problem next door.

“The property is used by vandals and the back garden is full of litter and nasty things.”

A Council spokesman said that the house had been the subject of criminal proceedings regarding identity fraud.

“We understand the mortgage company is in the process of taking ownership of the property. We support this action as a cost-effective way of resolving the problems which the property is causing,” he added.

“Empty homes which are allowed to fall into disrepair blight the neighbourhood. We provide support to property owners to bring empty homes back into use and, where this is not achieved, do take enforcement action, including compulsory purchase.”

Sergeant Tany Ditta, of the East Bowling, Barkerend and Bradford Moor Neighbourhood Policing Team, said that they had not been made aware of any issues relating to the address.

“If people do have specific concerns, we would urge them to contact the Neighbourhood Policing Team directly and let us know or attend their next PACT or Partners and Communities Together Meeting, details of which can be found on the website wypnpt.org,” she added.