A primary school has launched its first Stephen Lawrence Week to help pupils learn to love and let live.

The week, at Bradford’s Horton Grange Primary School, involves lessons on how to celebrate each other’s differences rather than see them as barriers.

It was the idea of class teacher Niela Ahmed, who is also the school’s equalities co-ordinator.

She came up with the initiative to get pupils to explore the sensitive issues around racism.

This week, they will be singing, dancing, acting and exercising in workshops and sessions all linked to the importance of anti-racism, equality, diversion and cohesion.

The Stephen Lawrence Week, which was planned before last week’s conviction of the 18-year-old’s killers, is part of an effort by the school to earn its Stephen Lawrence standard mark – an award given to schools that achieve cultural tolerance and respect.

Mrs Ahmed said: “We’ve been working towards this for a while now and since September we’ve been busy taking the message out into the community as well.

“We’ve had the Mighty Zulu dance group come in, more than 1,000 parents came to our Eid celebration, we’ve had workshops on anti-bullying – there’s been lots going on.

“We’ve got mainly Asian Pakistani children in school, but we’re also getting Gypsy-Roma travelling children, Eastern European and Arabic youngsters, so it’s important we all get to know and understand each other and make sure everyone knows why racism is not tolerated in our school and in our community.”