A dad who fled a blaze which destroyed his six-year-old daughter’s Christmas presents has praised the “amazing generosity” of those who have rallied to replace them.

Rehannah Hussain was left devastated when hundreds of pounds of her presents went up in smoke in a fierce blaze at the block of flats where she lives in Prospect Walk, Windhill, Shipley.

The young girl was left in tears after managing to escape the fire, with dad Gulfraz Hussain and her mum Emma Naylor, 29.

Their home was so badly damaged, they have been forced to move out.

After hearing about the family’s ordeal, teachers and parents at Lay Top Primary school, in Allerton, Bradford, have donated money and sacks full of presents to make sure their Christmas has not been ruined.

Mr Hussain, 39, said: “We have got a new Christmas tree up and Rehannah’s now going to have as normal a Christmas as possible and without the teachers and the parents, who have all helped, it would not have been possible. We are so grateful to them.”

Mr Hussain had been cooking in the flat when the fire broke out in a cupboard on December 14.