A man who could not stand the agony of toothache any longer overdosed on anti-depressants.

Allan Wightman, who lived at Ryshworth Avenue in Crossflatts, Bingley, left a note saying: “I just can’t stand the pain any longer. Sorry. Allan.”

An inquest in Bradford yesterday heard how the 67-year-old was found dead on the floor of his home after worried neighbours alerted the police, who had to break in through the back door. A bin full of beer cans was found, as well as empty tablet packets in the kitchen and the note.

Mr Wightman, a single man, had been to the dentists in Bingley, where he had been a patient for 20 years, complaining of a swelling in his mouth that would not go away.

Dental records showed he had a number of teeth missing, and had suffered problems with a wisdom tooth before. He had also experienced a few infections.

The inquest heard how in April this year he was not able to open his mouth wide enough for a full examination.

The dentist suspected he might have had an infection in his left wisdom tooth or an abscess, and prescribed him antibiotics.

Seven days later Mr Wightman came back to the surgery again, saying the medication had not worked – but the swelling was still too severe for an examination.

He was told he would be referred to Leeds Hospital of Oral Medicine for a diagnosis and should get in touch with the surgery if he had not heard about an appointment in the next week.

But the next time the surgery had news about Mr Wightman it was a call from the coroner’s officer saying he had died.

Recording a verdict that Mr Wightman took his own life, assistant deputy coroner Roger Whittaker said he had done it “in great pain.”

Mr Wightman’s only family members live in the South of France.

A cousin who arranged his funeral from a distance was traced after a public appeal by the coroner’s office.