Council chiefs have been branded “Scrooges” after drastically scaling back Christmas decorations in Baildon.

Leaders at Baildon Parish Council say popular motif decorations, which depict traditional Christmas characters, will not be put up in the village this year because it is too late to sort out the logistics of doing so.

One resident – 62-year-old Lynne Sugden – even offered to stump up the money to pay for the work but red tape has prevented her from doing so.

It means the only decorations on show this year will be a Christmas tree in The Grove.

The move has been criticised by families and businesses in the town.

Mrs Sugden said: “There are so many people putting such a lot of effort into Baildon’s Christmas but the people who are supposed to do things just for Baildon, the parish council, are not.”

The row began after Baildon at Christmas, a voluntary group which organised the festive celebrations since 2009, was dissolved and the parish council was left to put up the decorations.

But in June the council decided it was “too late” to organise for them to be put up so they were put into storage in Shipley.

Rebecca Ridgway, of Emma’s florist in Westgate, said: “The switching on of the motif lights was quite a big thing last year and it is going to look horrendous this year without them.

“We are quite angry about this.”

Shiree Smith, owner of Curves lingerie shop, said: “We are all really disappointed. They just brighten everything up and get everyone in the Christmas mood.”

Councillor Joe Ashton, parish council chairman, said it is too late to organise insurance coverage or to perform risk assessments to put up the lights.

He said: “Unfortunately, it has now become clear that it is too late. No-one associated with the parish council wishes to be anything other than supportive to the organisation of Christmas events in Baildon, both this year and in 2012.”