A 23-year-old with an unusual technique is cutting through the tape to make big waves in the art world.

Benjamin Murphy believes he could be the only artist in the country who works using black electrical tape to create freehand pictures on walls and windows.

And the former pupil of Sacred Heart Primary School, in Ilkley, has seen his unusual technique reap success since he started his work last year.

Mr Murphy creates stunning images using the tape after trying it out during his studies at Salford University.

After displaying his work on a pub and cafe in Manchester, he is now being commission for projects around the country and is working on a piece for a black history project in London and other exhibitions.

He explained how he came to start working with the black tape and how it appealed to him.

“It started while I was doing my degree and doing graphic design,” he said. I preferred illustration to graphic design and was trying out different drawing techniques when I used the tape.

“I did one or two illustrations and just started to enjoy the clean lines you can make and how the tone of black is the same throughout the picture, not like when you use ink and paint.”

Mr Murphy, who also went to St Mary’s School, Menston, has spent large parts of the summer with his pictures at music festivals and has even turned his work into a performance.

“I do things live and people like to have a look and then stop and have a chat while I working,” he said.

He does not believe there is anyone who uses the same technique.

“There are a couple of people, one from Sweden, I think, who use tape, but they use add elements in their work and I don’t think anyone does it in the same way as me,” he said.

For more information about Benjamin Murphy’s work, go to alldestructo.blogspot.com