A newly-formed company is to lease Bradford Playhouse, which went into liquidation this week with debts of £300,000.

Yesterday Rob Walters, one of the creditors and a former chairman of the Little Germany theatre, agreed with liquidator Chris Wood, of Clough & Co in Cleckheaton, that he would run the theatre under licence.

To do this he has formed a new company, Be Wonderful Ltd. Mr Walters will oversee all business at the existing premises, valued at £370,000.

Mr Walters, who is the boss of Sett Software Ltd in Little Germany, said the name of the Be Wonderful company was chosen to “encourage past members, users and patrons and assure them we want to provide a workable space for them to exercise their many talents and skills”.

He added: “I know there were others who had hinted they might like to ‘have a go’ but after weeks of discussions it appears they weren’t yet ready to meet the liquidator’s conditions.

“I can call on the experience of some directors who ran the theatre when it was in far better shape than it is now. It is vital that a commercial attitude be adopted so we can quickly get away from the poor excuses of the past when trying to explain why only four people turned up to see one show."

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