Conflict between two faiths at a Bradford catholic school must be stopped before it escalates into full-scale gang war, a councillor has warned.

Imdad Hussain (Lab, Heaton) said he feared unrest at St Bede’s Catholic Grammar School could “trigger unwanted scenes”.

He said: “That’s the last thing Bradford needs.”

Coun Hussain wants the troubles “nipped in the bud” that started on Monday with a stand-off between two rival groups of youths at the school in Emm Lane.

A spokesman for the Leeds Diocese, which runs the school, confirmed there had been “some friction” between groups of students in the school.

He said: “In any large institution there will be times when friction arises and the school management is working with all the bodies concerned to see that a proper understanding is arrived at about the different matters and that harmony is maintained.”

But Coun Hussain is now calling on the boys school to “talk out” the problems by organising a parent and pupils forum bringing the two faiths together.

He said: “Bradford stood proud during the recent riots and unrest across the country. Our young people did not come out and make trouble and we don’t want them to now.”

Police were called to St Bede’s at lunchtime on Monday after reports of a stand-off and later that day, as school buses left the site, the vehicles were set on by a group of Asian pupils.

Stones and half-bricks were thrown at the three buses and terrified pupils had to dodge the missiles which smashed windows causing up to £600 worth of damage.