A waste firm could erect a £1 million building to enclose its controversial recycling centre – in a bid to put an end to residents’ concerns over noise and health risks.

Bradford councillors will tomorrow decide whether to allow plans put forward by Associated Waste Management (AWM) to enclose its depot in Canal Road, Shipley.

Company bosses have submitted an application to extend the existing waste transfer hall and stockpiling areas and permit an extension to the hours lorries are allowed to visit the site.

The application comes after the Environment Agency, which provides a permit for the site to operate, found that measures taken to control smells, pests, litter and dust from affecting neighbours had been “inadequate”, a report to the council states.

The agency has suggested under its Environmental Permitting regime, that the whole area should be enclosed following many complaints from people living nearby.

Long-suffering residents claim the situation has worsened since 2009, when the plant started receiving trade waste and bulky household rubbish collected by Bradford Council.

A petition of more than 500 signatures has been submitted with the planning application, demanding that processing of public waste at the site should stop and permission for the new hall should be turned down.

There have also been 26 objection letters, including one from the headteacher of Frizinghall Primary School, that states that “toxic odour from the site causes nausea and creates unpleasant conditions for pupils”.

Zafar Mahmood, a spokesman for the petitioners, said: “The community is totally against the expansion of this site in a residential area.”

Shipley Area Planning Panel will decide whether to allow the new building at tomorrow’s meeting at City Hall. If allowed, work inside the building will be permitted 24 hours a day through the week.

Councillors will also decide whether to remove restrictions limiting the hours that lorries are allowed to visit the plant. Bosses at AWM have said there will be no increase in the number of lorries visiting and have agreed to soundproof the new building.

Tim Shapcott, AWM’s business development director, said: “The company has done what it can to mitigate the problems that have been brought to our attention. The last thing we want to do is aggravate the situation.”

He added: “If planning permission is granted, we are about to spend a vast sum of money to cover the site for the good of all.”